The daily transcript of an “Uncultured” teen

People my age LOVE to make fun of the fact that I didn’t watch TV growing up, or that I didn’t have cable until last year. THEM: *singing some disney channel song* ME: *smiles* THEM: why aren’t you singing along? Come on! ME:… THEM: omg dont tell me you’ve never seen That’s So Raven! Me:Continue reading “The daily transcript of an “Uncultured” teen”

I don’t believe in love, change my mind.

I’ve never been in love with anyone, I mean sure I can say I love a lot of people, friends, family, pets. But I’ll admit I’m afraid to feel something more intense. But maybe it’s all a myth. Maybe the media shapes it to be something it’s not, makes it seem too happy, too good,Continue reading “I don’t believe in love, change my mind.”