I only date guys with good posture*

*the title is irrelevant to the blog I had this wonderful thought. What if we could read books by consumption. Like our tongues could read? Just think, you grab a new book, and you jab the middle of the page with your fork. Then, slowly, twisting the sentences around the spines like spaghetti noodles. YouContinue reading “I only date guys with good posture*”

Part of me

wants to be super mysterious and closed off and they other part of me if like “that’s really boring, I’ll have no friends plus it’s much more interesting if you tell every single person you know your deepest darkest secrets” This is a problem. Because now everyone knows everything. But then do none of themContinue reading “Part of me”

Cursing Complete Crap

Not to get all sad on you guys but, you know those days when everything is just awful. And I say that in simple terms but REALLY AWFUL. And I wish I could distract myself from all the terrible stuff. Feels like my only safe place is my bed. Now I understand why people don’tContinue reading “Cursing Complete Crap”

My favorite photographer

Muriel Margret is my favorite photographer. I followed her in about January, 2019. I find her extremely inspiring, and I look forward to her art every week. This is something she shared today. https://instagram.com/stories/murielmargaret_/2148154013091070288?igshid=kfsc39j9j0mw You know, it’s funny. Every time I go through something big, God always shows me a new method of looking atContinue reading “My favorite photographer”

I like to mop chairs

He sat slumped in his chair. Or maybe they were a she. But why does it matter, they’re slumped and that’s all that matters. Because the only reason why anyone slumps that low is if they are truly hurt. Like, stabbed in the heart. Or maybe the soul. But why does it matter, they’re hurt.Continue reading “I like to mop chairs”