Boredom, Bat out of Hell and Books

We are all bored. But what can we do about it? Not to be shady or anything but I feel for those poor souls who solely depend on sports to entertain themselves. People like that are already very boring because they have no interests outside their tiny little bubble, but now they are quarantined likeContinue reading “Boredom, Bat out of Hell and Books”


DISCLAIMER: excuse me if I don’t bother to capitalize things, i’m just tryna write fast. I’ve realized that all the forms of social media have a different ‘vibe’ to them, they’re all different community types. But by FAR my favorite social media community is Pinterest. Because you never know what the fuck is going on.Continue reading “What…community?”

Understand me already!

I’m not the type of person to scream at my mom saying she doesn’t understand, in my case that is not necessarily true. Not because she was once my age, but because she is currently training to be a family therapist. If there is one person in this world who could understand me, it wouldContinue reading “Understand me already!”