Some messed up brains on the loose

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I did not edit any of the following you’re about to read. You know what that means? No you don’t because that’s the point, my writing is just a dump of my thoughts. You won’t understand it. But if you’re bored or if for some reason you have a lot of brain capacityContinue reading “Some messed up brains on the loose”

Another blog about love

I got my homework done early today and I decided to watch someone youtube. There is this one influencer who goes around to different cities of the world and asks super personal questions to random people on the street. Today’s topic was “Tell me about your first love” and it was crazy how people litContinue reading “Another blog about love”

Part of me

wants to be super mysterious and closed off and they other part of me if like “that’s really boring, I’ll have no friends plus it’s much more interesting if you tell every single person you know your deepest darkest secrets” This is a problem. Because now everyone knows everything. But then do none of themContinue reading “Part of me”

high heels and red skirts

HEYYYYY WHAT DO YOU DO IF LIKE, YOUR BEST FRIEND HAS LIKE SEVEN CRUSHES AND YOU LIKE ONE OF THEM. Just cause she has tons of crushes, won’t make her feelings any less valid if she finds out that I’ve been flirting with one of them all week. I hate to be selfish like thisContinue reading “high heels and red skirts”