Brain Rot

Learning. I love learning. There is nothing better than understanding a complicated topic and being able to carry a conversation that no one else understands. But school school is not learning. school is rain rot. School is a bunch of adults getting together and insulting my intelligence for 7 hours. I want to learn tell me something I don’t know. TEACH ME SOMETHING PLEASE. The thing about public school is, no matter how “good” the school you get into, it’s all the same. People talk and don’t shut up.

Once a week you get at least one ‘sit down and talk’ conversation about what it means to be respectful. Everytime the teachers come up with a new angle. In example, phones are teaching us to be impatient, respect your elders because they know more than you, learn to walk away from people you don’t get along with. Blah blah blah. It’s been the same since elementary and kids still don’t listen. So let’s skip the stalling time and get to teaching please.

I want to go into the world thinking I’m prepared for it. I think everything they are teaching us is important. Everything is, but perhaps we could have a class on how to handle taxes, or maybe a decent sex education would be good. Young girls are out here getting impregnated and they don’t know how to handle a child. Perhaps we could teach things that are more experience based too? It’s just an idea.

Fortunately, our school has already provided job resumes and taught us how to formally present in meetings, but what about CPR???? I think everyone should be certified by the end of highschool. GAH. I know, I know, they can’t do everything and it’s probably really expensive to get all the supplies but still we should make an effort.

That’s all I really wanted to say. I’m done ranting. I’m perfectly aware that this has all been said before and all I’m doing is regurgitating what my peers have said in the past. But ya. That’s all.


I’ve decided I don’t want to do anything for my birthday. Here are my reasons.

  1. It’s on a WEDNESDAY in APRIL. There is literally NOTHING TO DO in April.
  2. I honestly don’t know what I would want to do.
  3. It’s smack dab at the end of the third quarter in school, I literally won’t have any time to do anything. This is also the time of year I take the keystones. I remember last year on my birthday I was taking the Keystones hah.
  4. I don’t have enough friends to throw like, a party
  5. No one gives a f*** that I’m sixteen. I know it’s called “sweet sixteen” but huhhhhh whyyyyy. Like ‘Oh YaY I cAn HavE LegaL SeX NoW WhOooO.’

Why do I like this

I was sitting at lunch today with a few of my friends when one of them brought up a website, a game called girlmaker. In the game you choose different outfits and hairstyles and facial features to create characters, particuarly girls. We did make a few boys on the game but it was alittle more difficult finging the appropriate features.

My best friend and I made each other. So I’ll put them in. But this game led to a conversation about how much we loved creating characters. I remember my brother and I used to take apart all of our lego figures, and then put the pieces back together again to create new people. We came up with some funny looking people, but there was something so fun about doing it. My best friend talked about talked about how she loved to create Wii Mii characters on her Wii.

But why is it that we have so much fun creating characters, and coming up with their backstories. Could they be a representation of how we wish our lives were? Even as a little kid, I had dolls in which I would dress and come up with elaborate love stories for. But why? Please, I have no real answer for this. If you have any insight please share.

my best friend made this one of me.
I made this one of my best friend

I am happy

I think that when a week seems overbearing or boring or long, you need to set something up to make you excited, or look forward to a certain day. For example, plan a day to get ice cream. Or plan coffee with friends. Or treat yourself to some tv. Start a new series. Start a new book. Start a new project. Anything to make you excited to have time to yourself.

I for one, hate school (I love learning, I just hate to assignments they give us, they insult my intelligence) And I know that’s a basic opinion, blah blah blah. But to help me get through it, I set fun things for me to do after school. It makes life much more enjoyable. yay

Sleigh Bells Ring in November

In my family, we celebrate Christmas and the thing about getting gifts done early is, people like to react. “omg theres like two months until Christmas, what are you doing???”

And you know what????? I LIKE MAKING PRESENTS ALL THROUGH NOVEMBER OKAY???? If I have a good idea, why should I WAIT until mid December to make it? As of today, there are 39 days until the big day, and if you think about, there are 14 people I need to have gifts for, some of them will have 2-4 gifts each (if you can’t tell, I love giving presents) so that’s on average 30 gifts!!!!! I’M SORRY BUT A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT JUST DOESN’T HAVE THE TIME TO MESS AROUND! I have to start making gifts in November! I just can’t afford to start in mid December. If I make one gift a day (which is totally unrealistic) I’ll make it, but realistically speaking I have to do all holiday planning on the weekends, cause I don’t have the time during the week haha. So please stop coming at me for taking out the wrapping paper this early.

Current Mood

I’m in the mood to meditate. I need to get in some super comfy clothes, lite some candles, brew some tea, turn down all my lights, sit in the middle of my floor, turn off all music, and just focus on my posture. Not moving at all. Then I need to work on planning out how I’m going to purchase all christmas presents. I also need to design necklaces for two of my good friends. AHHHHH so much work to do before Dec. and I know that school is only going to get more busy from here on out, so I mind as well get everything planned out. You know?

Sharing…too much?

Last night I went to bed on a high. I just finished a page in sketchbook that had taken me two hours and I was so proud of it. Then it occured to me how much I share. I share everything about myself. And I share A LOT. I have three instagram pages, I have a twitter (please follow me @Iornadunecookie ) and I have a blog, I have a vsco, I have so so many notebooks. I have sketchbooks. And I have an app that encourages me to take one video every day. You see? I am a girl who loves life. And I want to tell everyone about it every second of the day. I have next to no regrets. I love it.

As much as I tell myself that high school won’t matter when in 32, I still record every important minute of it. Or maybe just the mundane things that I will probably forget. I love everything.

I’m constantly sending photos and videos to my friends. Not that they always care but, I feel the need to share with everyone all the things I love.

Not to mention, after looking back on all the things I’ve said or done, teaches me that I’m not the same person I was a month ago, and that really helps me know that I’m am maturing even if it doesn’t feel like it.


Nothing is more exciting than realizing you have escaped an art block. You know you’re free when you lay in bed picturing all the different paintings you can do, all the meanings behind them and what media to use. I was so tired last night but I really wanted to draw my cat. Two nights ago, I was sleeping on my stomach, and my cat (Padme) deadass fell asleep on the back of my legs. I felt so bad because I had to move so badly. Hahaha But now I want to paint it. I think it would be cute. Like, picture a girl, all comfy with her down blanket wrapped around her shoulders, and then a small black cat curled up on the back of her legs, making an indent in the blanket. There would be lots of wrinkles in the blanket, and they would be so fun to drawwww ahhhhhh I can’t wait to go home and make this.

I vowed to myself to actually finish some of my sketches, like put them in a different media. If I could go to art school, I would need some finished pieces for my portfolio. so this would be purr-fect. tehe


Saturday night I decided to dye my hair right red. And here I am, two days later with hair like Ariel. AHHHHHHH. It’s really amazing. And I’d like to act like it was all spontaneous and stuff but….. I literally did two whole days of thorough research, because I had to bleach my hair too. If I had any tips, I would say don’t wash your hair a few days before you leach. Just really make sure you condition afterwards and stuff.

Also my friends came over and helped me dye it. I have a feeling this will be one of the things I remember many years to come. It was so much fun.

HIGHSCHOOL TIP: you don’t have to do drugs or give stick and pokes or rob people to have fun, bonding experiences with your friends. Just saying. Do something wholesome for once. Pure things are great.

peep the locks