sparkly green

The black nail polish likes to travel, it’s unreliable in that way. You’ll never know where to find it when you need it. It tucks itself into coat pockets, the grainy corners of a school backpack, cup holders on the passenger side. I’m constantly losing the black nail polish yet it is the one I’m always wearing.

But the sparkly green nail polish, now that’s one you can trust. It sits in the box with the rest of the polishes, never making it further than the bathroom counter. so today it’s the green I wear. I would dare say I’m settling but something makes me feel light when I wear the sparkly green. So nah I’m not settling. Besides I think the black polish is at my sister’s apartment.

Published by lornamusings

I write here when I delete all my social media and pretend I don’t exist. I’m a teenager who used to live on a beautiful farm by a creek tucked into the sweet aroma of Concord grapes. Now I live in a 15 story apartment complex above a dog park in Philadelphia.

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