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I don’t remember if I’ve said this in a past post, and I don’t particularly care, but..I really wish I was musically talented. More than any other talent, if I could write music, and play instruments, I would ahhhhhhh. That would be wonderful. But I think my separation from the music ‘world’ heightened my love for it, and appreciations for songs in general.

I really wanted to write reviews on my favorite songs at the moment and how they each have an effect on me, because I like writing reviews on things I love. ๐Ÿ˜‰ SO here are my top five songs from the month.

Coming in fifth place for the month of April, we have Say Can You Hear by Men I Trust. The first time I heard this song, I was cleaning my room, nothing too romantic, but it’s the sort of song that can almost make you cry. I wish I could tell you which notes were sung in which order, because the chorus made me stop and play the song over and over. It’s like you listen to the whole song, for those three notes and you wish you could bathe in them, so beautiful. Later that week I gave the song a proper listen, the way one does, lying on the floor in the dark and feel the world bending around them.

Fourth place is gec 2 รœ (remix) by 100 gecs feat. Dorian Electra. The first time I heard this song, was the moment it was released. I consider myself a huge gecs fan and I stayed up till they dropped the song, to listen. The original version of this song gave me a similar feeling to Say Can You Hear, but this remix had a totally different feel. I associate a lot of gecs songs with my ex, so after we broke up, it was hard to listen to their music, but when they dropped this song, it was totally fresh and I was in love. There is even a portion of the song that sounds like out of control, gross, desperate sobbing. And lets just say it perfectly reflected the way I was feeling haha.

Coming up in THIRD place is Peacefall by Purity Ring. The first time I heard this song, I was make a paper mache duck…so my brother nad I could properly recreate the new 100 gecs album cover. (hahaha funny how all these things connect). Normally I don’t listen to music like this, but there is something about Peacefall that feels so infinite, and so peaceful. It feels like you’re tripping…backwards, because it’s fluid and smooth.

Second place is Hey Moon by John Maus. The first time I heard this song was on a walk to view the sunset. It’s a bit of a hike considering I live in Center city Philly and it’s hard to find a place that’s lear of buildings or bushes. I was shuffling a playlist that my favorite photographer, Muriel Margaret, had put on her story. I was struck by how peaceful this song sounded. And not in a totally consuming way like the previous song was, this one was a little more like, you knew where you were, and you knew your surroundings, and you could hold onto fluid thought strings in your head, and the song made them fluid. As with Peacefall, it was like you couldn’t think about anything other than the song. You know? Anyways, this song is good for super chill nights, but it’s definitely a lights on song, unlike Say Can You Hear.

AND THE MOMENT I’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR haha, number one, is I Hope You Die by Molly Nilsson. This song was made for dancing alone in the dark. I don’t know what to say, this song is so morbid and gripping, I love it. So much.

Please, listen to these songs. please. They’re all so good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I write here when I delete all my social media and pretend I donโ€™t exist. Iโ€™m a teenager who used to live on a beautiful farm by a creek tucked into the sweet aroma of Concord grapes. Now I live in a 15 story apartment complex above a dog park in Philadelphia.

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