Boredom, Bat out of Hell and Books

We are all bored. But what can we do about it? Not to be shady or anything but I feel for those poor souls who solely depend on sports to entertain themselves. People like that are already very boring because they have no interests outside their tiny little bubble, but now they are quarantined like the rest of us and must find something to do. I’m not pointing fingers but i’m close with people like that and its good for them to wake up.

Enough being mean. I was thinking, what can I do while I too am locked up with no place to go nothing to do? Art. I’ve settled on art, but also I want to make progress on my book. I did talk about my book before, but to recap, it’s about a girl who goes to college and meets another girl whom she soon falls in love with for various reasons. And like I said before I feel as if I’m in love with my imaginary characters more than people in real life. I guess I love them in an evil and sinister type of way, even though they have set personalities I can manipulate and move them in anyway I want. They can resist but I can persuade. I love them because I guess I’m sort of like them. Muahaha welp. Today we’ve learned that I’m a villain. Fun times. Fun times.

Back to my thing about art. This week I want to make a large ink & watercolor drawing of the cover art of Meat Loaf’s Bat out of Hell III The Monster is Loose AND Heart’s greatest hits album covers. So ya. A challenge but I think I should do it cause why the hell not. Plus they look really cool.

Image result for meat loaf bat out of hell 3
Image result for hearts greatest hits full album


  • The Kingdom of Childhood by Rebecca Coleman
  • Alice by Christina Henry
  • Careless People by Sarah Churchwell

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