The Speed of Light

I love how mirrors don’t lie. They reflect exactly what’s there. Of course your bain can manipulate what you see in the mirror, but the truth of the fact is, they don’t lie. For some reason I find myself thinking about the speed of light difference between the movements that you make and the movements the mirror makes. If humanity somehow figures out how to slow the speed of light down so we can see it, could we witness the mirror being slower than the original object? Maybe? Would the mirror lie then? By being slow?

Anyways, that wasn’t really what I wanted to write about today, I just so happen to be sitting in front of a mirror so I just got thinking.

I have a very vivid imagination. As I go through my day, my brain is whirling with made-up concepts and trailers for movies, scripts to screenplays, whole arguments played out by the characters in my brain. I long to be able to paint them to life, film them into existence, just as I imagine them. The characters have full backstories so complex and colorful, it’s like I’m living multiple lives. On top of this, I also have an internal monologue (i wrote about this a little more in a past blog), so day in, day out, my brain is loud.

With having an internal monologue, writing stories comes easy, I just write what my brain is saying, word for word. But lately I have been going through writer’s block. No ideas have come to me, or I have an idea, but I don’t know how to make it sound good enough. So I don’t know if anyone else has problems with this, or if yall think they same way I do, but I wrote a few tips that could be useful…perhaps.

1) Voice memos: Yall, I cannot stress how much I love having voice memos on my phone. They’re all the most random things, from birds in Virginia to the elevator in my Apartment building, I love noise. For me, noise also triggers lots of imagination, and I can often take a sound and come up with a whole story to match. I highly recommend recording random voice memos throughout your day, and then playing them back when you need inspo. (Don’t forget to label them so you can remember which sound is which.

2) Switch Mediums: I’ve heard this being used in visual art, but you can apply it to writing as well. Maybe if you always use pen and paper, switch to a laptop, or pencil on graph paper, or gel pen on an envelope. I even have a typewriter I’ll use for this. If you switch your medium, it can help you think more about how deliberate you’re being with your words, and make you write better concepts the first time. It can also help you get into your character’s brain.

3) Photos: Photos influence me very deeply, they can make me feel really good and really bad. Those emotions can help me launch my characters into situations that are much more rich in detail than just the ideas from my own head. Looking at photos, maybe photos that you wouldn’t normally see in your social media feed, definitely helps stir up your thoughts. If you don’t like browsing the internet, try going to an art show, or a book store and flip through photography books for inspiration. Of course, if you end up referencing or copying an image, make sure to give credit to the photographer.

4) Move around: Lastly, I cannot stress the importance of the change of scenery. Whether you normally write in a studio, or an office, or a park bench, moving around from place to place can really really help. You see things that are much more authentic and real than what you see online.(i sound like a mom haha, but it’s true!) People watching can help spark new ideas, and more realistic ideas and make your story much more believable, unless you’re writing nonfiction, of course, then it just helps getting your brain moving in a new perspective, which is also good.

That all for now, as always, I am a young brain and you don’t have to take anything I say seriously. You don’t have to tell me me feelings and my thoughts are invalid and young, I get told that on the daily, I live it. But this is where I’m at now, and if any of those things could be of use to you, great.

Whew. That was a chunky paragraph. I hope I got my point across. Yay. That’s all

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