Why do I like this

I was sitting at lunch today with a few of my friends when one of them brought up a website, a game called girlmaker. In the game you choose different outfits and hairstyles and facial features to create characters, particuarly girls. We did make a few boys on the game but it was alittle more difficult finging the appropriate features.

My best friend and I made each other. So I’ll put them in. But this game led to a conversation about how much we loved creating characters. I remember my brother and I used to take apart all of our lego figures, and then put the pieces back together again to create new people. We came up with some funny looking people, but there was something so fun about doing it. My best friend talked about talked about how she loved to create Wii Mii characters on her Wii.

But why is it that we have so much fun creating characters, and coming up with their backstories. Could they be a representation of how we wish our lives were? Even as a little kid, I had dolls in which I would dress and come up with elaborate love stories for. But why? Please, I have no real answer for this. If you have any insight please share.

my best friend made this one of me.
I made this one of my best friend

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