Saturday night I decided to dye my hair right red. And here I am, two days later with hair like Ariel. AHHHHHHH. It’s really amazing. And I’d like to act like it was all spontaneous and stuff but….. I literally did two whole days of thorough research, because I had to bleach my hair too. If I had any tips, I would say don’t wash your hair a few days before you leach. Just really make sure you condition afterwards and stuff.

Also my friends came over and helped me dye it. I have a feeling this will be one of the things I remember many years to come. It was so much fun.

HIGHSCHOOL TIP: you don’t have to do drugs or give stick and pokes or rob people to have fun, bonding experiences with your friends. Just saying. Do something wholesome for once. Pure things are great.

peep the locks

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