Slutty Book Idea

I would like to start off by saying all my work is submitted and finished for the quarter, in other words hell has subsided for three weeks.

I would also like to say my ‘b’ key has been acting difficult and I can’t seem to find a way to clean out from under it.

I had an awful dream last night that I was a part of this super-christian charlie’s-angels type gang. And I was trying to explain to one of the girls that you are allowed to have friends that are guys, and it’s okay if a girl likes another girl, and all that shit. It was super hard and I remember her transforming into my old neighbor at one point and his older sister started flirting with a married man. GAH

I have this wonderful book idea. (yes, another one) And if you steal my idea, that’s okay because the probability of your version and my version being identical is slim. Very slim. But I would appreciate it if you credited me and all that.

Ahem. So. What if there is this girl. And she’s scared of commitment. So all the relationships she’s ever had have been one night stands or friends with benefits or whatever. She has set boundaries of course, she’s not just gonna sleep with a guy she met that day, but nonetheless, she had earned herself the name “slut”. But in her mind, she’s not a slut. She’s just someone who doesn’t do commitment. She just doesn’t like dates. Anyways, it doesn’t end with her finding the perfect guy and settling down, so that’s important. But what the whole book is trying to shine light on the reasons why we think people are ‘sluts’ and how being a ‘slut’ isn’t always driven by something bad. For example; sex addiction, or escaping from life type shit. It’s really about this girl who knows herself well enough to say “I can’t do commitment and that’s okay” Obviously, she never finds love, but that’s also okay because she learns that you don’t need the concept of a constant being by your side to feel loved.

I know it’s really something someone older should write. Perhaps I will when I have more experiences. But I think a book from that point of view would be really interesting. But of course, I’ll have to get really good at writing and stuff.

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