I feel like everyone WANTS to be a part of something, everyone wants to get together with people and just have a good time, I mean, people thrive on human interaction, and we want to have a good time. But I ALSO feel like no one actually is willing to putin the time/effort to make those plans. Why? because we fear being rejected, or stood up, and it’s something we try to avoid. Unfortunately, this causes us to avoid human interaction altogether.

So I think my new years resolution(even though it’s only Oct. 31st) is to throw more parties, more get togethers, more movie nights WHATEVER. because it’s fun. And if you want friends, you have to make a friendship. And you don’t make a friendship by secretly wishing you knew someone better. Just saying.

So I did that today, I came up with a plan to get a bunch of people together, and it was FUN. So that’s greaaaat. Yaya.

Fun fact of the night: My sister is literally the most GORGEOUS person on the planet.

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