Cursing Complete Crap

Not to get all sad on you guys but, you know those days when everything is just awful. And I say that in simple terms but REALLY AWFUL. And I wish I could distract myself from all the terrible stuff. Feels like my only safe place is my bed. Now I understand why people don’t get up in the morning. I can’t or at least I don’t want to. It just feels like my life doesn’t have a purpose. What am I going to do that will truly end up mattering in fifty years??? Anyways.

Whenever I feel this way, there are always two songs that come to mind.

1: Up by Shania Twain

2: Think Good Thoughts by Colbie Caillat

Sorry for the basic music mentions, that’s all that’s running through my brain at the moment.

Published by lornamusings

Just here cause I wanna be

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