My favorite photographer

Muriel Margret is my favorite photographer. I followed her in about January, 2019. I find her extremely inspiring, and I look forward to her art every week.

This is something she shared today.

You know, it’s funny. Every time I go through something big, God always shows me a new method of looking at my life. In 8th grade, I met one of my best friends, and she changed my negative views . And now, I’m 400 miles away from her. But in between FaceTime calls, I look forward to Muriel’s posts. They are in no way as valuable as my best friend but they still help me get through the day. Even if they are just a small nugget of happiness.

Anyways. This was very poorly written and very cheesy, but I’m sitting in a conference room while my dad is on a business call. So I’m a little distracted. But I really wanted to share. So yay. Bye.

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