Library luck

There are two things I check for when I enter a new place. 1: How does it smell 2: would I want to be locked here over the course of a month? If you ask me, these are the most important aspects of every building. And this library, along with Wegmans and Blick, is one of the few places that passes this test.

This afternoon, my mom and I finally made the trip to the library, this has been a long-awaited visit and worth every block we had to walk.

I-I have always loved the library. The Erie Public Library was one of my favorite places growing up…even though it smelled weird. But THIS library, is perfect. No weird smell, not too silent, lots of books, and a whole shelf dedicated to Jane Austen. It was amazing. I mean it when I say my heart swelled when I walked through the doors. It was like coming home. Even though I had never been in this library, it had the same effect as the last one (the one in Erie). I can just see myself going there to do homework or just to get away. It’s beautiful, and as a plus, it’s halfway between my school and my apartment.

In case you don’t believe me, I’ll insert a picture to further my point. As my mom’s friend said, it’s like being on the Hogwarts set for Harry Potter.

This was taken from the Russian Literature section, the picture only captures half the room. I can’t express how wonderful it was.

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I write here when I delete all my social media and pretend I don’t exist. I’m a teenager who used to live on a beautiful farm by a creek tucked into the sweet aroma of Concord grapes. Now I live in a 15 story apartment complex above a dog park in Philadelphia.

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