The daily transcript of an “Uncultured” teen

People my age LOVE to make fun of the fact that I didn’t watch TV growing up, or that I didn’t have cable until last year.

THEM: *singing some disney channel song*

ME: *smiles*

THEM: why aren’t you singing along? Come on!


THEM: omg dont tell me you’ve never seen That’s So Raven!

Me: I haven’t, no

THEM: What???? You’ve never seen That’s so Raven???

ME: nope

THEM: what about Kim Possible? Good luck Charlie? Austin and Ally???

ME: not one

THEM: WHAT???? THAT’S LIKE MY CHILDHOOD (they particularly like to call a show or movie their ‘childhood’)

ME: I didn’t grow up watching TV, I just got cable last year haha

THEM: Then what did you do??? (I get this question more often than I’d like)

ME: Well my brother and I liked to dig holes, I liked to read, write, after I read The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, I was obsessed with collecting bugs and plants in jars, Id keep their carcasses and then poke em.

THEM: what the fuck?

ME: yeah well, I’m not sorry my parents kicked me outside when I was being annoying as opposed to handing me an iPad like all you…

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