Music I Love

So school is in full swing and I’m going through shit so here are some songs that I love right now.

Playing Pretend By Yei – she was actually my bunkmate at camp, and she played this song on her uke for me, before she produced it.

Youth By Daughter – this one is kind of basic, so you might already know it 🙂

HEAVEN AND BACK By Chase Atlantic – I’ve mentioned this one before, I love it so much

Im sorry this is short. Like I said I’m going through shit. And that’s just life. but of course everything thing I feel is invalid because I’m just a hormonal teenager. HAHA YAY

Published by lornamusings

I write here when I delete all my social media and pretend I don’t exist. I’m a teenager who used to live on a beautiful farm by a creek tucked into the sweet aroma of Concord grapes. Now I live in a 15 story apartment complex above a dog park in Philadelphia.

3 thoughts on “Music I Love

  1. You’re going to be ok! Life can be crazy but it’ll always get better, the only place to go from rock bottom is up! Things may be hard with all the high school drama but be yourself and remove yourself from situations that aren’t healthy! You are so strong and I know that you can do this!💛

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