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  • Lead in my eye sockets
    Sitting on my bed, hours of work ahead of me, my spine aches from the stress. I recently started noticing where I hold my stress. Yes, my shoulders, but also my right side of my back as well as the bottoms of my eye sockets. Like it feels like someoneContinue reading “Lead in my eye sockets”
  • Toxic pharmacy
    That’s right people on the line, I have yet another fantastic idea that is 100% not original. WHAT IF I made a pharmacy of poisons. Just what if. Is that illegal? Not to my knowledge. I feel like the use of poison has sadly declined, but if you think aboutContinue reading “Toxic pharmacy”
  • Some sketchbook pages I’m proud of
    It’s been a great deal of time since I’ve written, but I’m really excited to share with you some pages of my sketchbook that I’m very proud of. These past few weeks have been pretty rough, but recently I’ve been at peace with my artwork, I know, it’s nothing spectacular,Continue reading “Some sketchbook pages I’m proud of”
  • I feel trapped
    I feel so panicked and so trapped. If I tried to pinpoint the cause that is producing the most anxiety, I’d have to say my life. My life is so trapped. I am trapped to the experiences that only I am capable of having. I’m limited to the things thatContinue reading “I feel trapped”
  • muSiC ReVieW
    I don’t remember if I’ve said this in a past post, and I don’t particularly care, but..I really wish I was musically talented. More than any other talent, if I could write music, and play instruments, I would ahhhhhhh. That would be wonderful. But I think my separation from theContinue reading “muSiC ReVieW”
  • The sound of the sink Pisses me off
    My world, or whatever you want to call the cave I share with my sister during these months, has been completely consumed by words. Reading blogs, books, and the english subtitles to La Belle Personne pirated on my chromebook at two in the morning(which, by the way, is splendid movieContinue reading “The sound of the sink Pisses me off”

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